Altcoin24 is a cryptocurrency trading company, founded in 2018.
We offer a wide range of services, designed to help cryptocurrency holders invest their Bitcoins at great interest
rates. We are based in London and have in our employ investment professionals from advanced computer
technology to machine learning experts.
Sit Back, Relax. Watch Your Bitcoins Grow.
We offer 3 invest Plan forever

Silver plan

2.2% hourly for 48 hours
Min 10$ - Max 1000$

ROI 106%
Principal included

Gold plan

2.6% hourly for 48 hours
Min 200$ - Max 10000$

ROI 125%
Principal included

VIP plan

10.4% hourly for 24 hours
Min 500$ - Max 50000$

ROI 250%
Instant withdrawals


Altcoin24 is an Altcoins trading company founded by top-notch hedge fund traders. Registered and located in the financial hub of London, we employ cutting edge machine learning system to trade the cryptocurrency markets 24 hours a day,7 days a week. It's a high frequency system which is able to extract small but consistent profits from well proven winning patterns in Altcoins markets(crypto currency besides bitcoin such as Ether, Ripple, Zacah..). Thousands of trades are placed at exchanges around the globe at millisecond. These small winning trades generate consistent profits to our registered members.

Our award winning system is a long/short fund, meaning it is designed to reap profits from both rising and falling markets. And we have advance risk management system in place to minimize market risk exposure. Join us, ride the crypto craze and double your investment in just 24 hours!

Affiliate Program
We have an affiliate program, which our members can use to earn more BitCoins by referring people to our
system. An active deposit is not required. All you need is an account with us, and you're ready to earn.

The affiliate program was created to reward members, who share our investment platform with their friends and colleagues. When you refer other people to our amazing investment opportunity, you earn 5% from their active deposits.